Over the past few years we have been pioneering a new approach to motorcycle training by combining rapid learning techniques and advanced skills used by professionals (road, off-road, supermoto, track).

The result: A series of four powerful one-day courses designed to completely transform your riding.

For example, in the Machine Control training you will learn how to:

Be significantly more confident in the wet or on slippery roads

Skilfully and confidently ride over gravel or bumpy road surfaces

Deal with a bend that unexpectedly tightens up

Safely bring your bike to a halt in half the distance you think you can

Cure panic-braking forever

Confidently do low speed turns or circles in the road, even two-up

Use body position to increase the stability of your bike

You will learn that your bike is infinitely more stable than you realise and that you were actually making it less stable than it was ever meant to be

Each Machine Control event builds on the previous one to completely transform your riding

If you book all 4 machine control events together we'll give you a 10% discount!