Machine Control 4
Pre-requisite Machine control 1 and 2 for safety
Who's it for It’s a waste of your money without completing levels 1 and 2
Gear You'll need to bring your normal road riding protection gear. We'll provide you with a suitable road bike
Duration 1 Day
Price £199.00
Course Content Section 4.1 – Locking front wheel and back wheel
This section will help you to overcome your fear of locking wheels during braking in order to give you the full benefit of measuring grip levels.

Section 4.2 - Extreme braking/stoppies.
In this section you will learn what it feels like to brake harder but also faster in order to achieve higher braking power. You will be more relaxed even when the rear wheel comes off the ground. Your braking will be improved beyond the limits of the ABS systems on motorcycles giving you a racers feel in order to brake better.

Section 4.3 - Extreme slides/drifts
This section is one of the most difficult skills to learn on a motorcycle as it requires a total loss of traction before it can be practiced. Once sliding we will help you develop the ability to control and manipulate slides without losing stability. 12 years of experience has gone in to develop this section.