Machine Control 3 / Kneedown Advanced Cornering
Pre-requisite Machine control 1 and 2 advantageous but not essential
Who's it for Anyone that wants to build confidence & improve their riding ability
Gear You'll just need to bring your gear as we use our Triumph Street Triple R
Duration 1 Day

£199.00 at York

£250.00 at all other venues

Course Content Section 3.1 - Stability/Core balance/Steering
This section builds on the advanced techniques in previous modules but also creates a detailed and inspiring environment to experiment, investigate and develop a new level of calmness on the machine through which amazing precision can be attained. .

Section 3.2 - Setting and maintaining constant lean and turn radius
This section is focused on the ability to plan, set and manage a constant rate of lean to create a constant turn rate. This is vital if precision is our goal. For many riders this is the goal for which they seek training to achieve.

Section 3.3 – Dynamics and limits of cornering effecting grip
In this section you will be clearly briefed on the limits which place a practical barrier to using more lean in bends.

Section 3.4 – Overcome the body's resistance to lean
In this section you will understand and overcome your body's fear of lean, why it happens and how easy it can be to retrain the core to allow you to adjust and maintain positive body position to create higher corner speeds and reduce risk of slides.

Section 3.5 – Promote Calmness in turns and Improve vision
In this section you will learn to focus on the exit, plan your route calmly and have more precision and control of your route through a bend along with the safety margin of knowing where you will be at the end of a turn so your exit is more accurately predictable.

Section 3.6 – Advanced positioning to measure lean
In this section you will understand how to develop powerful positions on the machine to help improve your awareness of lean and measure the amount or lean safely without going too far.

Section 3.7 – Advanced positioning to measure lean
In this final section, if you wish to and if you can positon your knee in the correct place, (some riders just don’t have the flexibility) you can have a go at cornering with your knee on the ground like a pro. One of the many benefits of this is to be able to confidently lean the machine over without worrying about grip or grinding something solid like centre stands or exhausts.