Machine Control 1
Pre-requisite None
Who's it for Anyone that wants to build confidence & improve their riding ability
Gear You'll need to bring your own bike and gear
Duration 1 Day

£120.00 at York

£150.00 all other venues

Course Content

Section 1.1 - Bike Stability Exercises / Introduction to Core Balance
In this section you will learn why bikes are inherently stable and understand the stories around what does and doesn’t make a bike unstable. This section contains a series of very unusual exercises to help you learn how to maximise the stability of your bike.

Section 1.2 - Advanced Braking
In this section you will understand the stories around braking; including why panic braking occurs, how to avoid it, and how to quickly and confidently bring your bike to a halt.


Section 1.3 - Changing Direction

In this section you will understand the stories around changing direction and how to use counter-steering to improve the speed, accuracy and confidence of your cornering


Section 1.4 - Hazard Avoidance

In the next two sections you will learn about the stories, behaviours and instincts you have created around dealing with unexpected hazards. Building on the earlier braking and counter-steering sections, you will learn how to control the bike quickly and confidently to avoid a hazard.


Section 1.5 - Slow Speed Machine Control

In this section you will understand the stories you have created about slow speed control and learn advanced techniques for controlling your machine at slow speeds